The first step in the process is an initial consultation to determine the ultimate spirit of the painting and how best to capture the overall desired effect compositionally. Potential poses, clothing and background are discussed.

The next step is to photograph the subject, exploring varying lighting configurations, varying poses and varying background materials. Photography can occur either at Haleh's studio or at an agreed upon location. The photographs are reviewed and edited by Haleh at her studio and presented to the client where a final, mutually agreeable decision will be made.

A small preliminary color study will be prepared for each client, reflecting the size, style and composition of the final portrait. At this stage, the size of the completed portrait can be determined.

The painting will be created in the studio, using the finest pigments on premium oil-primed linen. The client will view the painting upon completion, at which point any issues regarding likeness will be addressed.

All paintings are priced after the individual requirements of each project are determined. Paintings of average size and complexity are priced as follows:

Head and Shoulders $2,500
Half Figure $3,200
Three Quarter Figure $4,000
Full Length $5,000

Fees are based on paintings of single figures: each additional figure in a single painting adds 85% of the base fee to the total cost. Fees do not include framing, applicable sales tax, or travel and shipping expenses. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required prior to the initial photo shoot or at the start of the project. Balance is due upon completion.

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